About the Artist: Captain Bill Lowman

Artist and fisherman's name is Captain Bill Lowman who fished from a young age and has always respected and appreciated the natural beauty of the sea and the life within it. His art captures that beauty.

This beautiful ancient art form is known as "GYOTAKU". It has been practiced in China and Japan for many years. GYOTAKU is a phonetic translation of an old Chinese word that is now part of the Japanese language. "GYO", stands for fish and "TAKU", means "Stone Rubbing". It reproduces the size, form and features of the fish exactly of the fish exactly as they are in nature.

Bill has enjoyed and loved the water which has always been an important part of his life. The beauty, color and endless variety is expressed in this unique art form. Each rendering is an original. Most of the fish were caught by the artist himself! 

In addition to GYOTAKU, he artfully makes wool cowboy style hats that shades you from the sun and keep your head warm in the winter. Each wool hat is an unique work of art made with 100% wool sourced from the United States and New Zealand and leather trim is from cow hide. The hats are lined with satin. Some hats come with leather bands, braided, beaded, and sometimes braided leather trim. Colors vary in the ranges of white, cream, black, and orange.